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  • What is ROOMIE and UTOWN?
    UTOWN is a leasing management and ROOMIE is its platform for lease and rentals.
  • What is the Standard Contract Period of Rent?
    More than 1 Year is being considered as Long Term Lease while Short Term is 6 months below.
  • What is my Security Deposit for?
    Security Deposit is an amount the tenant pays the lessor before moving in. It will serve as their reservation fee to secure the slot of the Unit for them. It is also for the damages in the unit found after inspection of moving out. All damages will be deducted from the security deposit. Security deposit cannot be used as payment for the unpaid bills and cannot be applied as a payment for remaining month’s rent.
  • What is the Facilitation Fee for?
    Facilitation Fee is the payment made by the tenant for the services rendered by the leasing agent which includes administrative assistance.
  • Is the Rental Fee Negotiable?
    All our Rates are fixed , unless the unit owner provides a discount at their discretion. Pricing varies per room category but we follow standard Pricing on our listing.
  • How does the payment transaction work? / How do I pay rent?
    Tenants will issue Post Dated checks for monthly rental payable to the Lessor.
  • When can we possible to Move In?
    You can Move in after five (5) days of completion required documents, the Business Development shall conduct inspection and surrender the unit key card / magnetic key / manual key
  • Is our rented unit repainted & cleaned?
    Yes. Before moving in the unit must be newly repainted, cleaned and sanitized.
  • How many key cards / magnetic key / manual key will the Lessor provide?
    The lessor will provide a one (1) copy of the key card for the tenant and shall submit it to you personally during Move – In.
  • Would the lost key card/ magnetic key/ manual key be charged to the unit owner if we lost it?
    The tenant shall be liable for the replacement of the key card/ magnetic key/ manual key replacement.
  • Can we apply for Internet Connection?
    Yes. You can go to the Property Admin Office (PMO Office) because each property has their own house rules with regards to utility connection and work permit. Service Providers might be needing Certificate of Tenancy which we can provide as long as your lease documents are complete and updated
  • How do I get my Security Deposit back?
    Upon expiration of the Contract of Lease, and conducts Move-Out Clearance inspection, it takes a sixty (60) days process before the availability of Security Deposit to claim via cheque(s).
  • How do I add a new question?
    To add a new question go to app settings and press "Manage Questions" button.
  • Can I insert pictures in my FAQ?
    Yes! To add a picture follow these simple steps: Enter App Settings Click the "Manage Questions" button Click on the question you would like to attach a picture to When editing your answer, click on the picture icon and then add an image from your library
  • What is ROOMIE and UTOWN?
    UTOWN is a leasing management and ROOMIE is its platform for lease and rentals.
  • How can we enroll our unit to the Utown Management Leasing Program?
    Unit Owner needs to sign forms such as SPA, Proxy Letter, Personal Information Sheet for the Unit to be officially enrolled under Leasing Management. All fees required should be discussed by the U-TownBrand manager - Investor Relations (Miss Estela Visperas) including our room set up standard category which shall be strictly followed. Upon enrollment, 2 Keys, (1 Manual Key & 1 Keycard), should be turned-over 2 Keys (1 Manual key for unit and 1 keycard for tenant).
  • What is a Special Power of Attorney (SPA)?
    Special Power of Attorney is a legal document that authorizes U-TOWN INNOVATIONS CORPORATION to Market their unit and agree for the 10% leasing management fee.
  • What is the Proxy Letter?
    A letter of proxy is a legal letter used to establish a representative relationship between two people. The proxy (U-TOWN INNOVATIONS CORPORATION) acts in place of the person (Unit Owner) he/she represents, and thus has the same authority and rights. It shall be signed by the Unit owner together with the Special Power of Attorney (SPA).
  • How does the payment transaction work?
    Tenant will issue a check rental payable to the Unit owner. U-town Brand manager - Investor relations will notify the unit owner and send SOA for Maintenance Dues and Leasing Management fee. Rental Checks shall be released in exchange of Maintenance uses and Leasing Management checks.
  • What is the Leasing Management fee for? Is the Association Dues included in the Leasing Management fee?
    Leasing Management Fee is charged at a flat rate , the fee is for marketing and the services made by UTOWN. Association Dues is a separate fee that the Unit Owner should pay to Property Management Office as this is being used for building maintenance and repairs, license, wages of condominium employees (property management staff, maintenance staff, security personnel, etc.), utility expenses for common Areas, and other miscellaneous fees needed to keep the building and all shared spaces well-maintained and working properly.
  • Do we need to pay Association Dues even if our unit is occupied by the tenant?
    Yes, Association Dues are still required to be settled by the Unit Owner even if the unit is being occupied by their tenant.
  • Do we need to pay a Leasing Management fee even if our unit is vacant?
    Leasing Management fee is being charged only if the unit is rented.
  • What is the Facilitation Fee for?
    Facilitation Fee is one time payment for the administrative assistance during sign up. This includes assistance during move in.
  • Why do you have a Facilitation Fee if you are charging us for the Leasing Management Fee?
    Facilitation Fee is the payment made by the tenant for the services rendered by the leasing agent which includes administrative assistance while Leasing Management Fee is the company’s percentage for finding a client/s for the unit to be rented out and for the purpose of marketing and maintaining the Unit.
  • Can we increase our Rental Fee?
    We always suggest staying with the given Rate sheet since we have a competitive market. We can allow you to implement your desired rental amount but please be advised that as you increase the rental fee, the chances of occupancy will decrease and the company will not be liable for that.
  • Why does the Association Dues increase but Rental Fee remains?
    Association Dues are increasing because the cost of improving the facility is continuously increasing too. For the Rental Fee, we keep it as it is as possible because we have a competitive market around the area and we opt to have a lower rate for it to be marketable and for the Unit to be rented out immediately.
  • Why is our Unit being offered as a FREE ROOM?
    We no longer offer FREE ROOM but instead we packaged your Unit with our Marketing program which will require a Long Term Contract with complete Payment and PDC’s that will be handed out to you prior move in.
  • Why are we having Short Term Leases?
    We are only accepting Short Term Leasesif the Unit is not being rented after the peak season so that the Unit owner will be able to maximize their income. We have 2 types of agreement: Long term and short term. If a tenant had a long term contract and wished to have an extension, we only allow them if the occupancy rate is not more than 90% to maximize unit owner’s income and to lessen vacancy rate.
  • What is the Standard Contract Period of Rent?
    Minimum of Six (6) months or we called as short term lease and Seven (7) month up to One (1) year for Long term lease.
  • Who should cover the repair inside the Unit if we have a tenant?
    Minor Concerns should be shouldered by the Tenant. It will be considered as Minor if for Replacement of Faucet, lighting fixtures, convenience outlets, hardware Switches, Aircon cleaning and Replacement of Battery Lockset. While the essential repairs for the “wear and tear” equipment such as Aircon Compressor & loose Tiles which are caused by the tenant shouldered by the Unit owner.
  • Are you allowed to dispose of my furniture/item in the unit?
    We have the right to dispose of items, furniture, electrical appliances and the like that are busted/damaged/dysfunctional, or are no longer safe or hygienic to use or that would not match or fit the standards of the unit as determined by the management.
  • Can we ask to waive the monthly rental of our unit since the turn-over is delayed? (FOR AFTER- FREE ROOM OR RENT CREDIT)
    All provisions from the Contract of Lease should be strictly implemented as it has separate terms and the tenant has a contractual obligation to it.
  • What will happen if my tenant pre-terminate their contract?
    According to the contract of lease, Pre-termination of the lease is prohibited and will result in forfeiture of the Security Deposit and all PDC’s not yet applied in favor of the Unit owner less the damage to be repaired inside the unit unless the tenant paid for them for the proper upkeep of the unit.
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